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Tuff Coat Sealcoating & Repair Services

Sealcoating For Southeast Michigan Homes & Businesses

Like your roof or carpet, blacktop has a lifespan. Even if you don’t know how old your asphalt driveway or parking lot is, one thing is clear; You want your blacktop looking it’s best, and to last as long as possible. If you see cracks or other clues that your asphalt driveway or parking lot is ready for sealcoating have Tuff Coat Sealcoating take a look at it. Sealcoating can more than double the lifespan of asphalt!

The Tuff Coat Solution

Problem: Asphalt that is left untreated will deteriorate rapidly. Just as changing the oil in your vehicle is a necessary maintenance process, so is the maintenance of your blacktop. Oxidation, moisture and chemicals are the leading causes of damage caused to pavement.

Solution: Tuff Coat’s asphalt based pavement sealer replenishes the binding that is lost over time to Michigan’s harsh weather, aging, and chemicals, and provides you with superior protection against the natural distresses your parking lot or driveway endures daily.

When should you sealcoat your driveway or parking lot?

A new driveway or parking lot should be sealcoated after it has cured for 90 days of average 70 degree weather. It is important to wait this amount of time in order to allow the asphalt to cure. If a new driveway is sealcoated before the asphalt has cured the area will remain soft for a very long time. This will result in dents caused by kickstands, heavy objects. etc.


Tuff Coat Sealcoating Can Increase the Lifespan of your Driveway... We Offer FREE estimates!