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Tuff Coat Sealcoating in Oakland County Michigan

Protecting more than just your driveway!

Eco-Friendly Asphalt Maintenance & Repairs in Michigan

For many years Coal Tar Sealer has been the most common method of sealing asphalt pavement. Recently there has been a great deal of research into new, and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY products to use for sealcoating driveways and parking lots such as Asphalt Based Emulsion sealants. Currently, many local cities in Michigan are banning traditional coal tar sealcoating products, cities such as West Bloomfield, Clarkston, and Ann Arbor Michigan.

We also offer Pot Hole Repair, Patching & Hot Rubberized Crack Repair

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Why Use Tuff Coat Sealcoating?

We offer you an alternative to traditional Coal Tar Sealants! Tuff Coat’s sealer is eco-friendly, and even has a richer black appearance than traditional sealants.

Avoid Ground Water Pollution

The EPA believes that traditional coal tar driveway & parking lot sealers may run off into our water sewage systems where they deteriorate and can cause Ground Water Pollution. Because of this they are encouraging States to Ban Coal Tar Sealants. Several States have already banned their use. Michigan has several counties, and entities such as University of Michigan, that have banned Coal Tar use at their properties. Van Buren Township has recently banned the use of all asphalt sealants containing coal tar, and many more.

Avoid High PAH Levels in Sediment

Traditional coal tar driveway sealants are incredibly high in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. PAHs are of concern because many of these compounds have been identified as Toxic, Mutagenic, Teratogenic (causing birth defects) and/or probable Human Carcinogens. Coal Tar sealants contain 1000 times more PAHs then Asphalt Based Sealants. Studies show up to 50-75% of all PAHs found in sediments within the Great Lakes region comes from Coal Tar Sealcoat.

Avoid Sealcoating Vapors

Traditional coal tar sealcoating vapors exposure is unsafe for not only the person applying it, but, can be harmful to you, your children, and pets. Coal Tar Vapors linger and can continue causing harm long after the sealcoating is applied. These are just a few of the many negative problems with traditional sealcoating applications.


Tuff Coat Sealcoating Can Increase the Lifespan of your Driveway... We Offer FREE estimates!